Tales of the Wanderers

Altogether Lost...

Golarion (14 Erastus, 4707 AR)

When next I sought to cast my gaze across the multiverse, I discovered some distortion in the ebb and flow of the aether between worlds. Whatever the cause of the flux, it served to obscure my divinations for a time. So I could only but glimpse certain moments of what transpired next in the lives of the wanderers I had chosen to watch.

I glimpsed the warrior Tegric coming to his senses, his memories of what had brought him to the strange island returning to him. As the implications of recent events sunk in, he came to the grim conclusion that he was no longer on the world of Oerth.

This was confirmed when some of the bodies on the beach below him began to move. There were several survivors of the shipwreck, and Tegric made contact with them. It was through them that he confirmed that was indeed on another world…the world called Golarion. It was on this beach that he met the young monk Darjan, and the sailors Deivon, Zurisato, and Bragga.

The five men spent their first night on the cliffs, just beyond the edge of the rainforest. In the deeps of the night they were awoken by some feeling of being watched, and discovered that Zurisato had gone missing. Suddenly, strange baboon-like creatures sprang from the trees to attack them. The group fought off the beasts, and spent the rest of the night watching the forest warily…

The next morning, while trying to determine their next move, they heard a bizarre, loud cracking sound reverberate across the island, almost as if a great tree had snapped in half. They followed the sound to find, to their surprise, a group of sailors skinning and drying the hides of the baboon creatures. They told the men that they were hired by a nobleman, who they brought to this island. Tegric, Darjan, and the rest were brought to a lavish pavilion surrounded by armed guards, where they met the brothers Narses and Vors Surtova, noblemen from Brevoy.

Narses, who seemed rather boisterous to the point of mania, regaled the group of his exploits on the island, which he had discovered in the pages of a Pathfinder journeybook that he had somehow acquired. He came seeking a legendary silver wyvern, and intended to hunt and kill it. His weapons of choice were rare guns from the state of Alkenstar. These were carried about by Narses’ bodyguard Tsoba, and huge and silent man from the Mwangi Expanse.

When Narses heard of the group’s plight, he offered to take them home on his ship if Tegric, Darjan, and the rest agreed to help him capture the silver wyvern. The men felt they had no other choice but to agree. So they set out with Narses, Vors, Tsoba, and a contingent of guards to hunt.

Narses insisted that Tegric, Darjan, and the rest go ahead and flush out the wyvern. They protested, but Narses threatened to revoke his promise of transport off the island. The men grudgingly agreed, and went ahead. They came to a ruined town, supposedly a settlement of the ancient Azlanti. It was there that they heard the report of Narses’ guns, and Deivon fell dead. Narses had decided to hunt them, it seemed. He shouted out that he did not believe their claims of how they had come to the island. Rather, he believed them to be agents of the Pathfinders, coming to take back the journeybook.

A standoff ensued, with Tegric, Darjan, and Bragga outnumbered. They were afflicted by some magical attack from Vors, a mage of some power. Sickened by the magic, they ran for safety, only to be confronted by Tsoba. They managed to fight off the bodyguard and resume their escape. However, as they ran, they were surrounded by dark-skinned people that came suddenly out of the forest. With obsidian axes and arrows trained on them, they had no choice but to be taken.

The natives brought them to their village, where they met Kellin Abarsk, an “antiquarian” from Andoran. Kellin was accompanied by Cyrus, a cleric of Iomedae. The two had come from Absalom, buying passage on a ship after Kellin had come into possession of a Pathfinder journeybook. It turns out that Kellin was a “sometime” Pathfinder, but found the society’s leaders somewhat stifling and controlling. He had taken the journeybook without consent of the society. Now, he and Cyrus were stranded on the island, after the crew of the ship that had brought them there mutinied and sailed away.

Cyrus has accompanied Kellin at the order of Elend, the high priest of the temple of Iomedae in Absolom. The high priest and Kellin were old friends, and Cyrus was sent to protect the older man. Now, the two of them were caught in the middle of a growing divide in the tribe of skraelings that inhabited the island. The tribe was related to the skraelings of the still-mysterious continent of Arcadia to the far west. The coming of outsiders had driven a wedge between two factions: the old chief Takoda, who had befriended Kellin, and the younger warriors who wanted to kill the outsiders. Kellin was now afraid that the arrival of even more outsiders would cause the fragile stalemate to erupt into conflict.

It was because of this that Kellin insisted that Tegric, Darjan, and Bragga take Cyrus and try to leave the island. Kellin himself would stay behind and help the natives resolve their conflict. Kellin convinced Takoda to give the adventurers a small group of skraeling warriors loyal to the old chief. The antiquarian hoped that with the help of the natives, the men could defeat the noblemen and perhaps convince his hired crew to sail them back to Absalom. Before they left in the middle of the night, Kellin gave Cyrus a sealed scroll case with a message for the high priest of Iomedae. Then the men departed…



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