Darjan (Golarion)

A young monk from the town of Sandpoint in Varisia (Golarion)


This is Player Dan’s character. He stands just under six feet tall, weighs about 170 pounds, and has a completely shaven head. His skin is a dusky color somewhere between the skin tone of his Ulfen mother and Vudrani father.


Darjan’s father, Sanjan, came to the coastal town of Sandpoint many years ago. He once resided on the Isle of Jalmeray, but became restless in his youth. So he decided to travel to the very ends of the continent of Avistan. He settled in Sandpoint, and there the young monk became a part of the industrious townsfolk.

It was there that he met Dagny of the Ulfen people. She, like the majority of her folk, was tall and blond, a stark contrast to the smaller, slighter Sanjan with his Vudrani ancestry. Despite the differences in ethnicity and cultures, the two grew fond of each other. They both shared an independent and restless spirit. Eventually, the two married, and soon after Darjan was born.

The couple raised their child as one of the folk of Sandpoint. They bestowed a bit of their respective cultures on him as well. Though they did not try to teach him much of their native languages, they were sure to pass on some knowledge of their peoples. Sanjan in particular taught his son some of the ways of the monks of Ashoka. Sanjan had been a monk of Ashoka for some years before he left Jalmeray, and he taught all that he knew to Darjan.

But there were limits to Sanjan’s teachings, and eventually Darjan mastered all that his father had to offer. Darjan then began to crave more teaching in the ways of the Ashokan monk, and it was from this desire that the urge to travel to the great city of Absalom grew. So, when he reached the age of 20, Darjan said farewell to his parents and left the small town of Sandpoint, seeking to further his knowledge of Ashoka and the world…

Darjan (Golarion)

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