Deivon (Golarion)

Varisian First Mate of the Foamfollower (Golarion)


A Varisian sailor in his 20’s, Deivon was of medium height and build and had the typical dark hair and coloring of his people. He also had the tattoos so prevalent among his people; Deivon’s tattoos were on his neck. He was young and passionate, given easily to losing his temper and being stubborn. He was also known to not rely on the gods, and scoffed at the superstition of many of his fellow Varisians.

Deivon was killed on a small, uncharted island in the Arcadian Ocean. He was shot with a long-barreled gun from Alkenstar by Narses Surtova, a nobleman from Brevoy.


Deivon (Golarion)

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