Demil Thissledown (Krynn)

A kender from the world of Krynn


This was Player Dan’s character for the first four sessions of the campaign. Events in the fourth session of the campaign led him to be transported back to Krynn, where his path leads him away from the events chronicled in this particular campaign. But it would be a safe bet to say that we have not seen the last of the kender…


Demil Thissledown (aka “Lefty”) was born in Kendermore, near Balifor. His father was rarely around due to acute Wanderlust. His mother was the one to teach him all he knows about being a kender…which pretty much comes innately anyway.

Demil’s feet became very itchy at a young age. It was around the end of the War of the Lance, and word spread among the kender of the exploits of Tasselhoff Burrfoot. Well, I’m sure with half the other kenders in Kendermore, Demil decided he would go have his own adventures.

He left home with his trusty hoopak (grandpop’s), which he borrowed, since his grandpop was still alive. He has several pouches with various different odds and ends, to which there seems no end. One of his most prized possessions is his lockpicking tools, which were handed down to him by his mother. They were said to not be able to break, but hey, this is kender we’re talking about.

His left ear’s tip was cut off shortly after leaving as punishment for “stealing” someone’s bag they had near their feet as they were at a vendor buying something. He was carried away saying “I was just returning it to its owner! Promise!” Since then, people he met would call him “Lefty.”

Demil Thissledown (Krynn)

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