Tegric (Oerth/Golarion)

A young blacksmith and fighter (Oerth/Golarion)


This is Player Derek’s character. He stands six feet tall, weighs about 200 pounds, and has dirty blond hair. Tegric is well muscled thanks to his long work as a blacksmith in the town of Guldenberg on Oerth.


Tegric was a toddler of about two years old when he was taken in by a blacksmith named Dolan. The blacksmith and his family found the boy on the road to Guldenberg one winter’s day, wandering in the snow. No one was ever able to determine where he had come from or who his people were.

Tegric’s new family included Dolan, his wife Ayla, and their daughter Brenna (who was about a year older than Tegric). They gave him his name and raised him as their own, telling him from the time he was old enough to understand about his mysterious appearance on the road to the village.

Dolan began Tegric’s blacksmith training in earnest when he was about 13. But when he was 15, his family was tragically killed when a small band of orcs slipped into the village at night.

His uncle Argus (Dolan’s older brother) took Tegric under his wing. Argus is a man-at-arms in the service of the town’s only temple, which is dedicated to St. Cuthbert. He’s also something of a ne’er-do-well, a gambler who drinks to much, but he has a good heart. He was also watched over by Rory, another blacksmith who was apprenticed to Dolan. The two older men raised and trained Tegric for five years, with Rory continuing his blacksmith training and Argus schooling him in the arts of combat.

Tegric lived in the small house attached to his father’s forge. He also came to know Barik, an old wizard and alchemist who lives in the village, for many years. Over time, Tegric began to help Barik with various tasks, and they developed a genuine affection for each other. Eventually Barik revealed to Tegric that a mysterious network of chambers existed under the wizard’s small home. Tegric was fascinated by the wizard’s lair, and was for some time the only person in the village besides Barik that knew about the underground chambers.

A series of events, culminating in a confrontation with several beings of unknown origin, have found Tegric transported from the world of Oerth to another world that he will eventually learn is called Golarion. It is on Golarion that he must now follow the path of his fate…

Tegric (Oerth/Golarion)

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