Zurisato (Golarion)

Varisian Sailor on the Foamfollower (Golarion)


Zurisato, most often called Zuri, was a Varisian sailor in his late 40’s, a small and wiry man with the typical dark hair and skin coloring of his people. He also had the tattoos so prevalent among his people; Zuri’s tattoos were on his arms. He was very superstitious, which often put him at odds with the Foamfollower’s first mate, Deivon. He was an avid worshipper of Gozreh and Desna.

Zuri was killed on a small, uncharted island in the Arcadian Ocean. He was shot with a long-barreled gun from Alkenstar by Narses Surtova, a nobleman from Brevoy.


Zurisato (Golarion)

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