"The Device"

Mysterious Tool for Dimensional Travel


(Note: the sketch of the device was made by the magic-user Anton of Oerth)

This magical device of unknown origin has a crystal globe about the size of a man’s fist at its center. Attached (perhaps by magnetism) to the globe are three curved pieces of golden metal (but they are not made of gold). Along the sides of these three pieces of the device are buttons marked with strange symbols or glyphs. It seems that pressing the buttons in different combinations activate the device, giving the user a powerful sort of dimensional travel ability. Users can seemingly create free-standing portals to other dimensions with great ease, something that most magic-users across the universe would deem impossible.

Somehow (perhaps by pressing certain buttons), the three golden pieces of the device can be detatched from the globe. The globe can be used as a means to detect the location of the pieces of the device.


"The Device"

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